Who we are

Who We Are

We are a community of people living in the middle of the rainforest as a family and as a team working together in the different projects to make a positive impact towards rainforest conservation.

Our staff includes Peruvians from Puerto Maldonado and from other regions of Peru, and former volunteers who made Peru and our jungle their home. With a variety of skills, degrees, and experiences we put together our knowledge, passion and dedication to make Taricaya a great place to live and work in direct contact with nature helping to preserve it.

As a volunteer you become part of this family and we offer you a unique experience of the Amazon. You just need to have a passion for nature and love for adventure and discovery because in the jungle, every day is full of surprises and you never stop to be amazed by its beauty and sometimes overwhelmed by its peacefulness to the point of reconnecting with your true self and nature.

Our location and activities allow you to explore and learn deeply about the rainforest as you become part of it and expert on the different tasks and projects related to its conservation, immerse in the culture of Peru and the Amazon, make friends for life and become a direct contributor for a better world (remember the Amazon is called “the lungs of our planet”).

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