The program

The Program

Taricaya needs your support and efforts to maintain and expand our positive work inside and around the Reserve, towards conservation of the Amazon Rainforest- the world’s most biodiverse ecosystem.

Become part of our family and make the rainforest your home! We have comfortable accommodations to live as a respectful community connected with nature.

Join our staff in the different projects which involve participating in the daily activities developed in the Reserve under their guidance. Activities are subject to change depending on the ongoing projects at the time of stay.

Why does it cost to become a volunteer?

Financial support is essential for any entrepreneurship or project to become big and successful enough to make a positive impact in an area. Taricaya and our cause can continue and achieve more goals with your direct financial support.

Also when you start your life in Taricaya as a volunteer, you become our strongest supporter with your commitment, knowledge and experience put into practice in the daily activities at the reserve.

JOIN US NOW and experience true responsible Volunteering! Your income goes directly to Taricaya and you will work with us there and test out that your money is put into the RIGHT CAUSE!

Who can become a volunteer?

Anyone can come and be a volunteer at Taricaya Reserva Ecologica but these are some characteristics you should consider:
  • You have a passion for life and nature and you wish to truly experience them at its best in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • You want to explore the Amazon as a local working towards conservation
  • You understand that you will live in the warm and humid weather of the tropical jungle.
  • You want to experience life away from home and in a third world country
  • You want to learn about and become part of the local culture and nature
  • You are over 18 and can travel and live by yourself
  • You are a family with children under 18 (Ask for our FAMILY SPECIAL)
  • You are under 18 and have a legal permit from your parents/guardians to be under our care.
  • You are a non-academic or academic professional with experience in natural sciences (Ask for our PRO SPECIAL).
  • You are a pre or post graduate student interested in natural sciences (Ask for our INTERN SPECIAL).
  • You are a teacher with a group interested in nature (Ask for our CLASS SPECIAL)
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