The lodge

The Lodge

As a volunteer you will live in the middle of the rainforest and the facilities of our Lodge allow you to experience a unique way of life in community as part of our family.

The Main House

Leave your shoes on the terrace before coming into the dining room area where you will enjoy each meal with the other volunteers and staff.

The main kitchen on the side where our cook prepares each meal to be served on the kitchen counter for you to pick a plate!

Restrooms on one corner for a quick visit to save you from a walk back to your cabin.

On the back, the kitchen station with a table, sink, equipment and utensils for your free use to wash your dishes, keep personal food items and prepare yourself a snack.

Next to this is the game room to enjoy a card game, chess game or any fun time as a group.

Lecture and TV room

This common area is used for the lectures and talks related to the projects and on free times you can take a book from the shelf or enjoy a movie on the TV when the generator is on.

Hammocks area

Enjoy a good book and the breeze of the jungle as you lay and relax on our outdoors hammocks.


We have a total of 10 cabins which include a terrace as the entrance into the main room and a private bathroom on the back.

The cabins are divided in the following distribution: one battery of 4 rooms with 2 bunkbeds each for women only, one battery of 3 rooms with 2 bunkbeds each for men only, 3 independent cabins for couples or families (ask about special accommodation and extra cost).

You will be sharing a room with other volunteers of your same gender and up to 3 roommates only when we are at full capacity.

Towels, toiletries and personal hygiene products are NOT provided. A set of sheets and mosquito net are provided for each bed.

Cabins are thoroughly cleaned by the staff when empty. On your arrival you will be designated a cabin and it is your responsibility and of your roommates to keep it clean. Cleaning utensils and products are provided.

Projects facilities

We have different areas to work on the various activities related to each project, like the lab for field sample and data processing, equipment and material storage, etc., the warehouse and tool shed for maintenance and construction, the Mahogany workshop for all the wood work, the Taricaya Rescue Center with specific areas for wildlife husbandry, medical center, feeding station, etc.

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