Our History

Our History

In the early 1980´s, a Peruvian entrepreneur working in Puerto Maldonado and passionate about wildlife bought 50 hectares of land on the banks of the Madre de Dios river with the idea of preserving a spot of the unique ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest in Tambopata – Peru. He protected the land from loggers, hunters, farmers or any intruder that could endanger the biodiversity of the area.

Some years later, the entrepreneur Fernando Rosemberg receives to protect 476 ha of land around the 50 ha as an ecotouristic concession. Taricaya Reserva Ecologica was established with primary and secondary rainforest, connected on one corner with the Tambopata National Reserve, a national park known to be one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.

Opportunity to develop conservation projects in his land knocked on his door when his friend, Stuart Timson, a British biologist, met the owner of Projects Abroad who was interested in opening a Conservation project for their volunteers in the Amazon rainforest of Peru.

In 2001, TARICAYA RESEARCH CENTER was born as a non-profit association dedicated to biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of resources. The first volunteers arrived to Taricaya to become part of what back then was just 2 friends joining forces with local people to test alternatives that can actually make a difference towards conservation and sustainability inside and around the reserve.

More than 15 years later, the projects are working and we are today a well-respected leader organization in terms of wildlife conservation and resource use in the region, working together with local communities.

This has been possible thanks to the Taricaya Team, our passionate for nature STAFF and FORMER VOLUNTEERS to date, and our strong alliances with each of our sponsors: Projects Abroad, as our essential financial support each year since day 1 through VOLUNTEERING, and Amazon Planet, as extra support through TOURISM since 2010; and many donations from other great organizations who believe in our work and our positive impact, like ADI, Idea Wild, WWF and many more.

Today, Fernando has decided to share directly the amazing work and positive outcomes achieved in the reserve for more people to JOIN OUR CAUSE so we can continue and grow to expand our area of influence towards an ecological, social and economic balance for rainforest conservation.

We INVITE YOU to BECOME A VOLUNTEER and join the Taricaya Team to make a difference in the Amazon of Tambopata-Peru.

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