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It’s been a busy but very fruitful couple of weeks at Taricaya in which thanks to the amazing teamwork between volunteers and the staff members we finished building cristal’s cage, rebuilt the lodge’s walkway, transplanted some of our plants from our agroforestry project and more.

Thanks to SERFOR (a local authority in charge of wildlife rights) some Taricaya turtles that were being kept at Arequipa have been brought and released back into nature, they’re now facing a new life filled with freedom and opportunities.

Cristal the ocelot, whose cage we just finished building is starring a film, the film crew is taking great shots from the beautiful Cristal and her environment in our facilities.

Taricaya has never ceased to amaze us for it’s range of biodiversity like in our last mist nets activity where we had an unexpected surprise, we found a new bird species for the reserve and with it the number grows up to 493 species! it’s incredible!

The weather has been changing really fast threatening our work but it didn’t stop us from reaching our goals, here some pictures of the walkway that allows us to walk freely around the lodge, it’s amazing how well done it is, good work Taricaya family!