Life in the Jungle

Life in the Jungle

Human life can have a deep impact on any ecosystem when we try to fulfill all our needs as a globalized world.
Protecting the 500 ha of pristine rainforest under our care means that we have to live harmoniously with nature. At Taricaya we return to a simpler way of life, leaving behind the hectic life of a city to reconnect with nature and people.
Things you might consider a given at home become a luxury here and you learn to appreciate their value when home is in the middle of the jungle.


We use a gasoline generator for power at the Lodge and to avoid too much emission of Greenhouse gases we only turn it on for periods of the day.
During these times you can turn on lights and charge batteries in the common areas or your cabin. Power is 220V so make sure you bring an adapter in case of 110V devices. Please DO NOT use hair dryer/hair straightener or iron, they can blow up the fuses.


We use water that is pumped to high tanks from the creek in the Reserve.


Water in the kitchen is purified to cook and drink safely. Water in the cabins comes straight from the creek. For precaution we recommend not to drink this tap water. There is no hot water in the showers. Please notify the staff if you find a leak.


Served in the dining room at the Main House. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared freshly and the weekly menu is of Peruvian homemade food. Inform us if you have any food restriction.


We use the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Please separate your waste in the designated bins.


You can relax at the hammocks, the port or anywhere around the Lodge facilities and non-restricted projects areas with music, a book, your diary, your camera, binoculars, etc. Take a swim in the river or creek. Explore the reserve along the trails with your map and compass. Take a walk along the forest to Amazon Planet to enjoy their bar and gift shop. Play sports games like football/soccer, volleyball, etc. and card games with the staff and volunteers. Go to Puerto Maldonado on the weekends.


From Monday to Friday the volunteer coordinator sets the daily schedule for the activities of the week that will vary depending on the ongoing projects. Keep in mind that some of our projects are seasonal.
Working hours per day are usually 6 hours and will not exceed the 8 hours in some cases.


Access for phone or internet signal in the Reserve is limited to a spot that receives signal only from the company Claro. You can get a Peruvian phone number of this company to connect on free hours.


We do not offer medical insurance. We firmly recommend coming to Peru with a travel medical insurance. Follow the volunteer coordinator´s instructions. Respect the wildlife around you. Follow the rules of the Reserve. Use lifejackets when on the river. Do not wander off by yourself into the forest. Smoking is allowed outside the main house, your cabins, hammocks area, etc. but not inside, on the boats or during activities in the rainforest. Take a flashlight or torch at night. Apply repellent constantly to avoid bites.


During the rainy season we recommend using rubber boots to walk along the trails. Bring your own pair but we do have some pairs of different sizes for your use at the Lodge. To walk inside the Lodge facilities please take off your shoes or boots.


We have a first aid kit at the Lodge in case of minor injuries or sickness. There is a local clinic in the city in case of major emergencies and our staff will help and accompany you to assure your safety.

YELLOW FEVER shot is recommended for Puerto Maldonado. MALARIA is not present in our area so there is no need to take the Malaria medication if you only visit this tropical region in South America.


Weekends are days off work to rest and relax. You can stay in the Lodge at the Reserve or go to Puerto Maldonado for the night.

Every Saturday at 7am the motorboat goes to Puerto Maldonado. Expenses in the city are NOT covered by your fee and you are responsible for yourself. We recommend hotels of different price ranges for your one-night stay. Once in the city you can access internet, do laundry, enjoy a restaurant meal and experience Puerto Maldonado city. Boat comes back to the Reserve every Sunday at 3:30pm. Meeting point is Puerto Capitania. We will give you all the necessary recommendations for you to enjoy your free time in the city of the jungle.


Finish your time with us in the Amazon and travel around Peru before going back home! Or if you stay with us 4+ weeks, you can take a break and travel around Peru.

We can help you set your bus rides, hotels and tours for Cusco, Puno, Lima and more. We can also help you plan a trip to Brazil or Bolivia.

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