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rainforest conservation can protect the giant otter.


Amazon Rainforest Volunteering

Amazoin rainforest volunteering can preserve the rainforest

Amazon Rainforest Volunteering can be extremely rewarding as well as a really amazing experience. There are so many reasons to become a volunteer in the rainforest, especially in the modern climate. The threat to the survival of the Amazon rainforest is a very real one, over 200,000 acres (809 square km) are destroyed every day. The rainforest used to cover 14% of the land surface of the earth, now it only covers around 6%. The most alarming fact is that experts now estimate it could be completely consumed in under 40 years.

Types of Rainforest Volunteering

Wildlife Conservation

The deforestation of the Amazon rainforest has a devastating effect on the wildlife that call it home, many species now face extinction. The 2013 Red List that is published each year by the ICUN includes 2600 animals,  118 of them are from the Peru region. Wildlife conservation is very rewarding. At Taricaya we have projects to re-introduce animals back into the rainforest that have been found injured, kept as pets or miss treated by zoo’s.

rainforest conservation can protect the giant otter.

We also have a very successful Spider Monkey Project that has now released several breeding groups of Spider Monkeys back into the rainforest where they were once extinct. If this is something you would be interested in taking part in please take a look around the website or at the apply now page.

Projects at Taricaya Eco Reserve

The Rescue Centre

Amazon rainforest volunteering  at the rescue centre you will be helping animals that have been kept in captivity. You will help the animals recover physically and emotionally and once back to to good health then releasing them back into the rainforest where possible. Part of releasing the animals back into the rainforest includes tracking them and monitoring the food supply for them once they are released to ensure their survival.

Not all animals are able to be released back into the amazon rainforest. For various reasons sometimes the injuries they sustained in captivity are too serious, so the animal would not be able to survive on its own in the rainforest. In these cases they are given a good quality of life and looked after in Taricaya for the rest of their days.

Taricaya Turtle Project

The Taricaya Turtle project operated during July and August. The aim of the project is to increase the population of the endangered Yellow-Spotted River Turtle. during the project as an amazon rainforest volunteer you will help gather the turtle eggs and then bury them in an artificial beach that has been built in the camp at Taricaya, where they are safe from predators. They are then monitored, once the turtles hatch they are measured, weighed and marked for further identification, they are then take to a beach and released back to the amazon river.

amazon rainforest volunteering you will be releasing turtles.